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The Super Seller Program represents a revolutionary new way to sell your home. As a full service Real Estate Brokerage we'll provide professional representation and all the marketing & advertising services you’d expect as a seller client. We’ll create an engaging virtual tour of your home and get it rank on page 1 of Google where it can be seen by your buyer. We’ll even feature your home on one of the largest and most active real estate marketplace websites in the country, where buyers compete to submit offers for your home.

Best Of All You Pay NO Real Estate Commission When Your Home Sells!

The HBM2 Real Estate Team provides top-of-the-line Marketing & Advertising services upon listing your Home:

    Agent Representation | Attractive Yard Sign | Dedicated Web Page | Beautiful Photography | Social Media Marketing | Full MLS Exposure & Listing Syndication (Zillow, Redfin, Craigslist, etc)

Remember when the only option in transportation was taxicabs then Uber came in and shook up that industry forever? Well the same thing is happening in real estate today, the days of traditional listings and traditional brokerages are a thing of the past. Companies like Zillow, Redfin and now even Amazon believe there is a better way and we do too. Wouldn't you like to keep your hard earned equity in your pocket where it belongs?

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